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Laboratory Experiments

In order to participate in our experiments, a person has to register online ( and click his or her acceptance of these rules, at the bottom of this page.

Rules for laboratory experiments
  • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will receive an invitation email. Only the invited persons can take part in the experiment.
  • In case you get an email that invites you to participate in a particular experiment, you must answer positively to this email in order to be able to take part in the experiment. By doing so, you indicate your commitment to participate.
  • For each experiment, an excess number of participants will be invited, as there are often people who, for one reason or another, donâ??t show up. The first invited persons arriving at the experiment's location will participate. Participants who are invited and may not participate in the experiment due to capacity constraints or other failures are compensated with the show up payment.
  • Every participant who is invited to an experiment and who shows up on time will at least be compensated by a show up payment of $5.00.
  • Participation will be compensated in cash. The amount depends on the participant's and other participants' decisions during the experiment. However, each participant is guaranteed to receive at least $5.00.
  • During an experiment, each participant will follow the rules stated by the experimenter in the instructions.
  • People who give their agreement to take part in a particular experiment should please keep in mind that if they do not show up or show up late then the experiment might be cancelled because of a lack of participants.

Therefore, by registering for laboratory experiments, you agree with the following statements:

I have been informed that if I do not turn up or turn up late for an experiment I have been enrolled for, this may lead to the experiment having to be cancelled. Therefore I agree to inform the experimenter at least 24 hours before the session if I will not be able to attend the experiment or provide a good reason for not being able do so due to some unforeseeable event.

Moreover, each time you do not show up for an experiment for which you have registered you without informing the experimenter, we may add a mark to your reputation score (see your personal data on the web site once you have registered online). The more marks you have, the lower your chances to be invited for future experiments. Once your reputation score contains three such marks, we reserve the right to not invite you to take part in further experiments.

Internet Experiments

In the event of an Internet experiment, the rules will be announced at the registration page for the specific experiment.

The following constitutes a consent form, in compliance with the regulations of the Human Subject Committee:

There are no significant risks in our experiments. Nor are there any substantial benefits to you, other than any money that you receive.

All of the information that we obtain from you during any experiment will be kept confidential. We will not keep records of participants' identities and earnings. We will not use your name or identifying information in any reports of our research. We will not disclose your actions or results in the experiment to any other student, faculty member, friend, or parent.

Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time. There will no repercussions should you decide to not participate.

If you have any questions about the research conducted in the lab, please contact us at

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject, please contact the Human Subjects Committee at (805) 893-3807 or Or write to the University of California, Human Subjects Committee, Office of Research, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2050.

By selecting the option to continue, you acknowledge having read and understood this information and are choosing to participate.

This selection is as valid as your own signature and shall be regarded as such.

For questions please contact